Tag Shaped Albums

Scrapbooking doesn't need to be done on square papers. You can shake things up a bit by putting together a mini tag shaped album. I found these adorable tag shaped scrapbooking albums on Creating Keepsakes Blog. There you can find downloadable templates to create your own tag scrapbook. When creating your own mini … [Read more...]

Picnic Party Pocket and Tag

I am all about taking things that aren't necessarily created for scrapbooking and incorporating them into my scrapbook pages. When I found this picnic party tag invitation I was so excited. Not only is it a perfect embellishment for my summer picnic scrapbook pages, but it is also a fantastic way to journal about when … [Read more...]

Making Your Own Scrapbook Photo Frames

When I found this tutorial late last night, my first thought was cool, my next thought was duh! This was such an amazing yet simple idea I just had to share it. Honestly I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before, but I hadn't. I was so excited someone else did. The concept is basically that of those paper … [Read more...]

My Minds Eye Lost & Found Collection

My Minds Eye has done it again! The new Lost & Found Collection  has just arrived at Two Peas. These papers and embellishments are so adorable. … [Read more...]

Digital Scrapbooking

Check out the newest digital scrapbooking supplies at Two Peas! As a digital scrapbooker, I am often asked "What exactly is digital scrapbooking?" While the concept is simple, it can be kind of tricky to explain. To truly understand digital scrapbooking you must have a grasp on what scrapbooking is. To find out more … [Read more...]

“We Are All In This Together” Printable

This free printable scrapbooking saying is just too cute. I originally fell in love with it as a card, but it also makes the perfect page title or embellishment for any scrapbook or digital scrapbook page. Because it comes as an 8.5" X 11" PDF file it would also be so much fun to print, frame and hang on the wall. So … [Read more...]

New Authentique Scrapbooking Paper

New Authentique Scrapbooking Paper just arrived at Two Peas. If you have been searching for something really different, but still classic your search has ended. These papers are beautiful and really unique. You can purchase each paper individually or in smaller 6 x 6 bundles. You can find Authentique Paper in a variety … [Read more...]

Telling StoriesWith Scrapbooking

At it's core scrapbooking is all about telling stories. As a scrapbooker it is your job to tell your families stories to the generations to come. There are several ways to do this. Journaling is the most obvious, but you can also do it through the photographs you choose, the order in which you display them, and the … [Read more...]

Start Scrapbooking With Your Photos

With all the wonderful papers and embellishments available to purchase for scrapbooking, it is important to remember that the star of each and every scrapbook page you create should be your photos. Photos are the most important elements of our scrapbook pages. Therefore having great photos is important. Not every photo … [Read more...]

Scrapbook By Color

A great way to insure stunning scrapbook pages is to scrapbook by color. You will want to choose colors that match your photos and compliment each other to pull your scrapbook pages together. Most scrapbook stores will have their shops laid out by theme and then by color. I always like to take my photos with me when I go … [Read more...]