Telling StoriesWith Scrapbooking

At it’s core scrapbooking is all about telling stories. As a scrapbooker it is your job to tell your families stories to the generations to come.

There are several ways to do this. Journaling is the most obvious, but you can also do it through the photographs you choose, the order in which you display them, and the elements and page tiles you add to your pages.

After selecting the photos I plan to use I like to take a few minutes and write down what is happening in them. I like to write them down the same way I would tell them to a friend. This is such a fun exercise. I then try to use what I wrote when selecting my papers, page titles and embellishments. I try to incorporate at least a little bit of journaling on each page. If I can’t fit the entire story in a layout I will tape my original note onto the back of the scrapbook page.