Start Scrapbooking With Your Photos

With all the wonderful papers and embellishments available to purchase for scrapbooking, it is important to remember that the star of each and every scrapbook page you create should be your photos.

Photos are the most important elements of our scrapbook pages. Therefore having great photos is important. Not every photo we take is going to be perfect. Be selective when choosing which photos you will add to your scrapbook. Most of us have more photographs then we know what to do with, so it is important to select pictures that truly inspire us to scrapbook.

As a rule, I will flip through my un-scrapped photos until I find one that just makes me smile. Don’t worry if your photos aren’t perfect. Remember you can crop your pictures down to show off the most important elements. Today, you can eveno enhance your photographs in photo editing programs like Photoshop to make them really shine.

I always take my photographs to the scrapbook store with so that I can select papers and embellishments that will work with my pictures. If you are using multiple photos on one page look for a common color that you can use to all you photographs together.