Paper Pumpkins for Fall or Halloween Decorating

Paper Pumpkins For Fall DecoratingCreate your own paper pumpkins for fall or Halloween home decorating.

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This one looks like a super fun and easy craft Halloween project to decorate your home this year. The kids and I are search the internet right now for fun ways to so decorate for Halloween this year. They all loved the idea of creating our own paper pumpkins and I think this project will be simple enough for all of them to participate.

You can create your very own pumpkin patch in no time.

For this project you will need fall or Halloween colored patterned paper, scissors, glue and pipe cleaner, ribbons or other treasure to embellish your pumpkins with.

To start, you will want to cut large circles out of your patterned papers, You will want about 5 circles for each pumpkin you are going to make. That larger your circle the large your paper pumpkin will be. If you want small pumpkins cut smaller circles. If you have a cirlce cutter or large circle punch that would be the way to go. I don’t, so I will use different sized plates and bowls from the kitchen cupboard to create my circles. If you haven’t done this before, all you need to do is trace the plate or bowl on the backside of the paper and then cut the shape out with your scissors. Don’t panic if your circles aren’t perfect, we are making pumpkins after all.

When I do this project with my kids I am going to have all of the circles pre-cut.

Once you have all your circles cut, your next step is to fold them in half. Make sure you are folding into the side of the paper you want to show.

Next you can glue your folded circles together. Coat the entire side with a strong fast drying glue. For more stable pumpkins let each side dry before adding the next. Once your last piece is glued on, you will glue that to the first piece to complete you pumpkin. If you don’t like the bare edges of your new pumpkin you can distress them with sand paper or ink or add glitter to really make them sparkly.

At this point you can add vines and other embellishments to your hearts content.

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