If you are new to the world of scrapbooking you are in for some serious fun!

I believe, in one form or another, scrapbooking has been around since there have been photographs. In it’s most basic form, scrapbooking is the art of displaying, preserving and sharing your families photographs and stories.

Today scrapbooking has taken on a life of it’s own. Most think of scrapbooking simply as a “hobby” or “pass time”, but to me it is so much for more. In my life scrapbooking has been way to express my creativity, be artistic, connect with other like minded ladies, relive past memories and still feel like I am accomplishing something important for myself and my family.

Today scrapbooks are created in a variety of sizes. From teeny tiny pocket books to gigantic 24in albums, you can find it all. Scrapbooks are even jumping of the pages and being used as slide show orĀ  for home decorating.

The most important thing remember when starting your scrapbook adventure is to have fun!

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