Making Your Own Scrapbook Photo Frames

Making Your Own Scrapbooking Photo FramesWhen I found this tutorial late last night, my first thought was cool, my next thought was duh! This was such an amazing yet simple idea I just had to share it.

Honestly I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before, but I hadn’t. I was so excited someone else did. The concept is basically that of those paper snowflakes you created in elementary school.

To create your own scrapbooking photo frames all you need is a piece of paper and a pair of scissor.

  1. Cut your paper to maximum size you want for your photo frame.
  2. Fold it in four by folding it in half once and then folding it in half again.
  3. Now use your scissors to cut out the center. You can eye ball this or hold a fourth of your photo over the paper as a guide.
  4. Cut out other shapes around the edges and with in the paper to add interest.
  5. Unfold your paper to see what you’ve got.
  6. Use your iron to get ride of the folds if they bother you.

To get the perfect frame may take some trial and error. Once you cut out a few scrapbooking photo frames of your own you will get a better idea of where to cut to get the look you want. My daughter and I had so much fun playing with this idea. Her face lite up with surprise every time we unveiled our newest creation.

To check out the original tutorial I found visit How About Orange.